Where to Shop Till You Drop in Dubai

Malls, shops, souks – these are a second introduction of Dubai!

And when you’re in Dubai as a tourist, these places are no less than a heaven (especially if you’re a shopaholic).

From premium shopping centers to convenience shops, you’ll find Dubai highly relevant to spend your money and bring something valuable back home.

Looking for a particular brand? 

Don’t worry! You’ll find your favorite brands here in Dubai as you step out to shop new gadgets, dresses or almost anything you’ve put on your shopping list. 

And if you’re someone who prefers to spend less, Dubai wouldn’t disappoint you either!

Come, let’s discuss some of the famous shopping spots in Dubai where you can shop all your favorite items and fly back with a big smile (and an extra suitcase containing your new purchases). 

Luxury Shopping Options

Let’s start with shopping mall options for those who prefer premium products!

Since Dubai is known to have luxury malls, visiting them offers you an opportunity to appreciate the architectural wonders, too, along with finding your favorite brand’s outlet. 

The Dubai Mall

Your first stop, on your shopping cruise, is the Dubai Mall that is famous for so many reasons both in expatriates and those visiting the city on vacations. 

This shopping mall is not less than a retail paradise for those seeking famous brands such as Chanel or Gucci. And if you ever feel the need to eat something delicious, you will find the Dubai Mall restaurant options exceptional in terms of their taste and quality. 

Mall of the Emirates

Head over to the Mall of Emirates if you’re seeking some adventure-filled activities during your shopping spree!

Here, you’ll get to shop premium boutiques and if your aim is to do some groceries, there are plenty of departmental store options in Mall of the Emirates. Also, the mall offers you an opportunity to ski indoors at the Ski Dubai that is a main highlight when we talk about the Mall of the Emirates. 

City Walk

And lastly, you must visit the City Walk if you’re seeking contemporary shopping experience!

The place houses various chic boutiques and fashion stores offering you unlimited choices to up your style standards. Known brands, famous designers, and luxury products are some of the words that can sum up the City Walk shopping mall in Dubai. 

For Cost-Friendly Shopping

If you think that Dubai only has premium shopping mall options, think again!

There are various shopping spots where you can buy anything without running out of your funds. Be it grocery, clothing, jewelry or almost any item that you’re planning to buy during your trip to Dubai, you’ll find these options extremely useful. 

And…here they are! 

Outlet Village

Head over to Dubai Parks & Resorts in case you’re seeking products with discounted price tags and visit the Outlet Village to shop in limited budget.

Here, you’ll find various designer brands offering products on an astonishingly low price!

Plus, you’ll get unlimited discounts on the flash sales in majority of the shops that are operating within the Outlet Village. 

Dubai Outlet Mall

The Outlet Village is not the only place to find huge discounts as you may visit the Dubai Outlet Mall!

This mall is also known for offering branded items in lower price range and their quality would be just as a premium product you’d buy in those luxury stores. 

So, head over to Dubai Outlet Mall if you’re seeking discounts as high as 90%!

Global Village

If you’re seeking lower prices and an Emirati culture, visit the Global Village!

Global Village is another smart choice for seeking premium products on a budget while you’re on a trip to Dubai with a rather limited shopping budget. 

Also, this place is known to offer an amazing cultural feel, too, while you shop around and explore different shops operating in this side of the city. 

Al Fahidi Street

If buying something low-priced and traditional is on your mind, Al Fahidi Street can prove an ideal option!

Situated in Bur Dubai, the Al Fahidi Street is known to offer appealing cultural products for making your Dubai trip memorable as you take something relatable with Dubai back to your home. 

Al Karama Market

And lastly, you must visit the Al Karama Market to find cheaper (but quality) products during your shopping spree as a tourist. From clothing items to accessories and various other alluring items, you’ll find a wide range of products while shopping at Al Karama Market. 

Local Markets & Shopping Streets

Dubai is not just famous for having premium shopping malls for tourists as the local markets in this city would offer you a chance to buy the best products, too. 

If you truly want to spend your money on the right product that you can take back home and tell your friends how you found them, visit the local markets and street shops here in Dubai. And here are some key options if you’re not aware of Dubai’s local markets and street shops. 

Bur Dubai Souk

The very first option that you should consider is the Bur Dubai Souk!

Located in Bur Dubai district, this souk is famous for having a versatile range of shops that makes your shopping experience amazing. Here, you can find anything between colorful fabrics to jewelry or any antique that you’d want to take back home with you.

And the best part about shopping in this area of the city is the lively and welcoming environment amongst shop-keepers with an inviting nature and the bargains that are worth watching. 

Satwa Market

Apart from Bur Dubai Souk, there’s another ideal option to shop – the Satwa Market!

This place is a heaven for those seeking custom-made clothing or electronic devices all on an ideal pricing. Here, you’ll get to see the true culture of UAE that gracefully displays the welcoming nature of the shop owners along with exciting products. 

Naif Souk

If you’re in Deira and seeking a good local market option, visit the Naif Souk!

This market is another ideal option for those tourists who are seeking multiple products to add into their cart. Plus, the multicultural atmosphere will never let you feel homesick while you’re here. 

Organic Shopping Options

Are you someone who prefers to live with a healthy lifestyle?

Well, being in Dubai as a tourist won’t affect your green lifestyle even when it comes to shopping choices. Dubai has various shopping avenues where you can find organic products and keep up with your hygienic lifestyle with ease. 

And if you’re not aware of these shopping destinations, consider visiting these places that are mentioned-below: 

Greenheart Organic Farms

If you’re seeking organic fruits or vegetables while spending your days as a tourist in Dubai, head over to the Greenheart Organic Farms. 

One of the qualities of this farm is the unique concept that makes obtaining fresh fruits and vegetables easier on a decent price. Plus, you may subscribe to their weekly/biweekly boxes delivery to get the fresh and organic fruits right at your doorsteps. 

Ripe Market

Alternatively, you can visit the Ripe Market on Sheikh Zayed road where you can find organic products in Dubai. 

This organic product market is a den for buying a number of products such as homemade jam, oil, and artisanal bread. Plus, the prices are kept low in comparison to premium organic products so you can buy with confidence and stay healthy during your visit to Dubai. 

And with this, you’re ready to jump into the shopping arena and shop your heart out while visiting all these options in Dubai.

If you feel the need to visit a Dubai Mall restaurant while searching for your favorite brand, stop by at the Colt Courtyard on Fashion Avenue Expansion Level 4 and taste their delicious cuisine to reenergize for another shopping round.

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