15 Must-Eat Food Spots in Dubai You Just Cannot Miss

Dubai’s culinary scene is not just an experience, it’s a lifestyle. People are drawn to this city of glittering skylines and dynamic landscapes to get influenced by many cultures. Dubai helps you embark on a gastronomic adventure like no other city in the world. This is where you meet an array of food spots offering local flavors, international cuisines, and upscale luxury restaurants. 

Dubai is a melting pot of diverse dining experiences to cater to a multitude of population and their backgrounds. Expect to find mouthwatering food items in festivals and street food markets and themed restaurants, like Colt Courtyard, which appeals to an exclusive audience.

However, that also makes it difficult to decide where you want to dine next. This is why we have compiled 15 exceptional food spots in Dubai, each of which will welcome you to an even more exciting culinary adventure than before. 

1. Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse

Located in the vibrant DIFC district, this Brazilian steakhouse is a meat-lover’s haven. Greeted by a grand dining room as soon as you step inside the restaurant, the tantalizing aroma of food welcomes you from the open kitchen. The skilled Gaúchos will carve delicate cuts of meat right at your table, in a true Brazilian churrascaria fashion. An extensive salad bar takes center stage, offering everything from fresh fruits to mouthwatering sides. Fogo de Chão is indeed one of the finest food spots in Dubai to indulge in succulent meat dishes within a lively ambiance. 

2. Vietnamese Foodies – Dubai Hills

Tasting Vietnamese food is an unforgettable experience, and this next food spot located in Dubai Hills Mall is where vibrant flavors of Vietnam come to life. Stepping inside, you will find the whole ambiance speaking highly of the healthy but tasty food options. The menu offers a variety of exclusive dishes coming straight from the Vietnamese culture, like a 14-hour simmered pho, Banh mi, Cao Lau, and other mouthwatering rice dishes. The restaurant also offers dairy-free and vegan options for patrons with special dietary requirements.

3. The Talk

This food spot at Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach is the talk of the town due to its eccentric themed night buffets. Live cooking stations allow you to enjoy a variety of cuisines, the theme of which changes every night. So that you can expect BBQ dishes on one day and fresh seafood the next. There is also an outdoor dining area, decorated with wooden textures, contemporary elements, and soft hues to accentuate your al fresco dining experience. The Saturday Brunch is particularly famous among those who want to kick start their weekend in an energetic and vibrant atmosphere.

4. Tom&Serg.

A warehouse in Al Joud Center was repurposed in 2013 to create this sanctuary offering culinary perfections. Tom&Serg.is a Melbournian, trendy, and very urban food spot, serving great coffee in a chic setting. Fill up your plates with an all-day breakfast menu, which consists of chocolate granola, Turkish eggs, Aussie Benedict, and much more. Sounds tempting? Wait till you see the starters, salads, mains, and the tea selection. Happy faces and positive vibes are your main companions at Tom&Serg.

5. Mint Leaf

Mint Leaf is one of the unique food spots in Dubai that serves authentic Indian food in a modern and contemporary setting. The colors and flavors on the plates are presented in stark contrast against the gray and wooden décor. The dishes are served in a luxurious dining space. However, there are also plenty of non-vegetarian options to cater to all guests. The cocktails bar at Mint Leaves makes it one of the most sought-after food spots, as patrons get to enjoy their traditional spicy Indian food with sweet and zesty, refreshing drinks. 

6. Jehangirs 

This restaurant is a hot food spot if you want to taste the majestic flavors of Mughlai cuisine. Luxurious interiors, colorful and patterned chairs, and gold accents on the walls and even the whole ceiling are what make it an Instagrammable spot for social media enthusiasts. Jehangirs Restaurant does justice to traditional Indian dishes like dal tadka, seekh kebab, and butter chicken, but the best part is that the prices are highly affordable, as you would expect from a restaurant in the Al Mankhool neighborhood.

7. Bu Qtair 

Fish curries never tasted so good before. Bu Qtair is a laid-back and among the most popular food spots in Dubai, located at Fishing Harbor. It’s a seafood restaurant with aesthetic beachfront views, serving fresh seafood that you select and weigh yourself. Then the chefs will prepare your prawns, masala fish, and parathas right in front of you, serving a hot cup of tea to gulp it all down. It is truly a peaceful but priceless break from the glamour and luxury of Dubai – a perfect food spot for an affordable dining experience.

8. Mondoux

Mondoux is where you do not come to celebrate the flavors of food, but the sweet time it takes to prepare it. This restaurant, located on Dubai Creek Harbor, creatively combines ingredients that are aged and matured, into high-quality recipes which you can enjoy now and then. The restaurant is fairly priced and the menu offers a huge range of vegetarian options. We recommend trying out their cheesecake, a warm and comfortable food that complements the inviting ambiance of the restaurant. 

9. Veganesha

Meena Bazaar in Dubai is famous for Pakistani and Indian dress shopping. But do you know what completes your trip to this traditional bazaar? Healthy and delicious subcontinent-inspired dishes. Choose from a huge variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items, served in pure Indian fashion. The ambiance of this restaurant and its strategic location will make you feel as if you were sitting at a roadside restaurant, in the heart of Mumbai or Karachi. 


DÜRÜM serves mouthwatering Turkish food to its patrons, as fresh and authentic as promised. The Dürüms, a classic Turkish wheat tortilla roll is the most popular item ordered by everyone. However, the indoor dining space is quite small and insufficient to hold a large crowd. The outdoor seating option is available, but again, there are limited seats at the Motor City Branch. However, you can avail of free parking, which is a plus point if you go there for a takeaway order.

11. Gaia

GAIA is one of the most luxurious food spots in Dubai, serving authentic Mediterranean cuisine in an even more appealing ambiance. Whitewashed surfaces, blue velvet chairs, and large windows bathe every surface in soft and ambient light. The food is even better. GAIA is a fine dining experience where you come for Greek-inspired culinary delights and leave with an aftertaste of cheerful flavors on your tongue. The charm of this place is matched by only a few other restaurants in Dubai.


The Orfali Brothers, Muhammad, Wassim, and Omar, brought their culinary magic from Aleppo to Dubai. This food spot in Dubai has never disappointed its patrons from Day 1. The food menu is already exceptional in its exotic recipes and international flavors. But the real hero of this place is the presentation. From starters to desserts, everything is presented in a way that reminds you time and again that you are sitting in a Michelin guide restaurant.

13. Iris

The free spirits of Dubai welcome you to Iris, a vibrant food spot where the skyline view serves as a stunning backdrop to an open-air lounge dining. The restaurant doesn’t miss any chance to leverage its strategic location and distinctive ambiance. Live music, sensual energy, bold flavors, and specialized cocktails indulge you in more ways than you can imagine. Step inside this charismatic place and never leave without feeling the true energy of Dubai. 

14. Maison Mathis

Maison Mathis Arabian Ranches is an on-site bakery, a restaurant offering sophisticated culinary delicacies, and a coffee shop that serves roasted and aromatic cups of coffee. It is one of the food spots in Dubai that pays an ode to their European heritage, which involves using traditional methods to craft dishes, which are enjoyed best with friends and family. This place is the coziest spot on this list with friendly customer service; however, the price range can be a bit on the pricier side as compared to other food spots on this list.

15. Colt Courtyard – The Most Sophisticated Equestrian Restaurant in Dubai

Address: The Dubai Mall, Fashion Avenue Expansion, Level 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 221 1212

So far, we have discussed all the unique and interesting food spots in Dubai. But when it comes to our love for horses, there are only a few restaurants in the city that match our love and passion with the same level and zeal. 

Colt Courtyard is a one-of-a-kind equestrian restaurant in Dubai Mall. Lavish interiors, diverse culinary delights, and an iconic location welcome all who are attracted to its equestrian theme.  

It is the perfect destination for those who want a calm and cozy escape from their shopping adventures. But you can also conduct important business meetings or take your partner on an unconventional date night at Colt Courtyard – the indoor space is as flexible and strategic as its venue.

What Makes Colt Courtyard a Luxurious Dining Space For Equestrian Patrons?

Colt Courtyard allows diners to follow their passion for everything related to horses, in a dining space that is out of this world. Situated on Level 4, this restaurant takes advantage of its strategic location and offers both an indoor and outdoor dining space.

The interior of the restaurant is an elegant fusion of modern elements and rustic equestrian-themed décor. Thus dispersing a charm throughout the place that appeals to a specific audience.

How Is The Ambiance at Colt Courtyard?

Colt Courtyard boasts a luxurious dining space where every surface is as shiny as an equine coat and as rustic as a wooden stable. 

The horse-related décor, from the wooden panels on the walls, treasured decorative showpieces, soft leather chairs and sofas, and neutral floor tiles, envelops the patrons in a captivating themed environment that makes them a part of the equestrian lifestyle.

This is one of the food spots in Dubai that takes advantage of the scenic locations near Dubai Mall. The outdoor dining space offers a front-row experience of Dubai Fountains, providing diners with breathtaking views of Dubai’s bustling cityscape and glittering nightlife.

Let’s Have A Look At The Signature Dishes

Colt Courtyard Restaurant offers a menu that reflects its commitment to providing excellence in every aspect of the restaurant. The impeccable services are also reflected in the menu, which contains mouthwatering culinary delights originating from local flavors and encompassing global cuisines.

There is a broad selection of starters, mains, and desserts for the patrons to choose from; however, here are our favorite dishes from this iconic food spot in Dubai;

  1. Lobster Kibbeh: Rich flavors of Lobster combined with Avocado Hummus, Chili Oil, English Parsley, and Middle Eastern spices to create a tempting snack.
  2. Caramelia Moist Chocolate Bomb: A moist cake served with a chocolate bomb filled with luxurious ganache, creating a burst of flavor in every bite.
  3. Risotto Funghi: A creamy pasta prepared using 4 types of Mushrooms, butter, basil, and parmesan, perfect for when you are craving earthy flavors.
  4. Grilled Whole Sea Bream: Grilled Sea Bream served with tangy lemon juice with your choice of side.
  5. Colt Exclusive Classic Mojito: Offering the perfect fusion of flavors to complement any dish.

Why Colt Courtyard Is The Perfect Family-Friendly Destination? 

Colt Courtyard welcomes families with passionate adults and curious kids so that they can step into this exclusive world to learn more about the equestrian lifestyle. It is an ideal dining space for every occasion due to its convenient location within Dubai Mall, and its ambient setting for a comfortable and aesthetic culinary adventure.

An Equestrian Restaurant Winning the Culinary Game in Dubai

Colt Courtyard has surpassed our expectations when it comes to providing diners with the best views of Dubai and a menu that caters to both regional favorites and global culinary delights. We recommend you visit this restaurant at least once on your visit to Dubai. Situated on Level 4 of Dubai Mall, this food spot is a convenient space to unwind after a long day shopping or to spend an elegant evening in a graceful dining area with your friends, family, or a loved one.

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