Colt Equestrian – Serving Finest Food & Excellent Ambiance in Dubai

Offering a variety of fun activities and multiple cuisine options for tourists, Dubai stands as the prime destination for making your holidays the best time of your life.

If you’re seeking the best restaurants in Dubai Mall, Colt Equestrian is one perfect option to visit!

Situated within the Dubai Mall, you’ll find Colt Equestrian an easy option to keep up with your shopping commitments and leisurely plans. 

An ideal city view, an appealing ambiance, and a tasty food menu, this restaurant offers unlimited reasons to make that reservation during your Dubai trip. 

Come, let’s share how Colt Equestrian can prove a smart choice while you’re seeking a fine cuisine and amazing ambiance in Dubai.

Cuisine for Every Occasion

No idea what’s going to be on your order while visiting Colt Equestrian?

We remain prepared to serve you one of our best dishes as you place your order. From breakfast to lunch and dinner to celebrations, our menu includes every best food option that is essential for making your visit memorable. 

Here are the options that you can try at Colt Equestrian for tasting a versatile range of our cuisine options! 

Versatile Breakfast & Lunch Choices

One of the best experiences that you’ll take back with you is Dubai’s mornings!

If you’re planning to order a delicious breakfast while visiting Colt Equestrian and don’t know what to order, here are some recommendations: 

  • Order our “French Toast” that have a crispy brioche bread with mix barriers compote and a whipped cream along with the Canadian maple syrup adding an exceptional taste to them.
  • Or, you may order the egg feast to satisfy your hunger. Fried, poached, boiled eggs or omelet, you’ll get a never ending list of options in this category.
  • If you woke up a little late and want something delicious in your brunch, go for the pancakes. Nutella, wild berries, and Canadian maple syrup are some of the key ingredients that offer you a distinct taste.
  • And if you’re seeking something different than your regular order, go for the “Avocado Toast”. Mashed avocado, white cheese, poached eggs and sundried tomatoes are some of the key ingredients (along with sourdough loaf bread) that offer you a remarkable taste on the first bite.

Unforgettable Dinner Options

If you’re reserving a table for dinner at Colt Equestrian, our menu will not disappoint you at all!

We understand what particularly you’d like to have in your dinner while dining out so, we designed our menu accordingly to serve you our best dishes.

Here are some smart choices that you can try in the dinner at Colt Equestrian: 

  • Order the “Grilled Whole Sea Bream” that’s made with olive oil, crushed chilies, lemon juice, and pepper offering you a delicious taste right from the first bite. 
  • Or, you may opt for the “Grilled Lamb Chop” along with Arabic bread and herbs salad making your overall experience exceptional. The dried rosemary, kosher salt and olive oil are one of the key ingredients that offer you an unforgettable taste.
  • Then, there’s the “Braised Short-Ribs” that you can try for an amazing dining experience. The mix of various ingredients would surely win your heart with its exceptional taste.

Irresistible Main Course Options

Hold on! There are more recommendations that you must know before placing your order. 

We know how much you love Emirate’s special foods and we, therefore, designed our main course very carefully to meet your expectations. 

Let us suggest you what to order while visiting Colt Equestrian: 

  • Try the “Chicken Piccata” that’s made with chicken breast, mashed potato, rocket leaves, capers, and lime. This signature dish is bound to win your heart due to its distinct taste and an appealing aroma as it gets served. 
  • If you’re a chicken lover, order the “Corn-Fed Whole Baby Chicken” that is another signature dish served at Colt Equestrian. Made with whole baby chicken, butter sauce, lemon, thyme, and rosemary, this delicious option is bound to make your dining experience an unforgettable time of your trip. 
  • Try the “Dover Sole Meuniere” that’s made with French butter, black pepper, and lemon juice for offering you a mouth-watering taste as you devour this signature dish at Colt Equestrian.

Sublime Soup Options

While you visit Colt Equestrian and thinking of something light to start with, try the variety of soups served here. Ordering soups can be a smart choice since we offer a versatile range of soups to keep up with your expectations. 

Here are some key soup options that you may try at Colt Equestrian and whet your appetite for the main course: 

  • Start with the “Classic Lentil Soup” that’s made with lemon wedges, croutons, and Turkish chili offering a southing experience to your taste buds. 
  • Alternatively, you may order the “Mushroom Soup” at Colt Equestrian that’s made with cream, garlic, onion, and crispy artichokes adding a wonderful experience to your dining experience. 
  • And lastly, you’ve the option to taste our delicious “Minestrone Soup” that contains carrot, onion, celery, zucchini, and basil all blended together for offering you an exceptional soup experience.

Colt Equestrian’s Promise

When you choose to dine out during a foreign trip, you seek certain features into your preferred restaurant. Apart from offering delicious cuisine options, Colt Equestrian offers you a few more reasons to choose us as your preferred Dubai Mall restaurant. 

  • We understand your search for a serene and cozy environment while dining out after a hectic shopping routine. And we welcome you to a calm and peaceful environment when you visit Colt Equestrian in search of a tasty meal. 
  • Your trip wouldn’t be complete until you observe the marvels that Dubai has to offer from a distance. Reserve a table at our terrace and witness the city’s beauty from a distance while eating delicious food along with your loved ones. 
  • Dubai is a home of various traditions and here you’ll find different cuisines during your trip. We ensure that you find our cuisine up to your expectations while enjoying the equestrian touch that our restaurant offers. 

Best Time to Reserve a Table

We’re operational throughout the week. If you’re planning to visit Colt Equestrian for a certain occasion, here’s the best time to reserve the table:

  • If you’re planning to visit Colt Equestrian for lunch, the afternoon would be an ideal time since the restaurant has an amazing environment with various customers coming in and placing their order. 
  • If your plans include a family time, try booking a table at Colt Equestrian on the weekends as you’ll get good family deals during this period and enjoy your dining experience in presence of your family and friends. 
  • If your plans revolve around making your special moments even more appealing, the evenings are the ideal time. Plan a romantic date with your better half and revive the spark with your partner enjoying the city view from our terrace.
  • And lastly, if your plans are to celebrate the special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries etc.), try reserving a table during the night as you’ll get to experience the best ambiance while hosting a big, happening party. 

And with this, you’re all set for making your trip to Colt Equestrian a journey full of taste exploration, ordering the variety of dishes waiting for you. 

Reserve your table at one of the finest restaurants in Dubai Mall and order the best cuisine served in town, today!

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